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Release of Konkani CD - DEVACHEM RAJ by George Coelho at the Albuquerque Mansion, De Mello Vaddo, Anjuna

Release of Konkani CD - DEVACHEM RAJ by George Coelho

This evening, George Coelho’s 12th devotional songs audio CD titled ‘DEVACHEM RAJ’ was released at the Albuquerque mansion in De Mello Vaddo, Anjuna at the hands of Ms Ruth Albuquerque, who has generously contributed to spread the word of God through this CD.

George said: “There is no greater joy than serving God. I praise and thank God for giving me the WISDOM to compose these hymns to glorify Him”.

Through this CD, Ms Ruth Albuquerque sends an earnest request to all those who listen to this Audio CD to follow the 5th Commandment: “Honour your father and your mother.

After the release of the CD, Domnic Fernandes, Ms Ruth’s neighbour in Gaumvaddi, gave the following short speech in Konkani (English translation follows):

Oxem mhunnttat: “Doieallponn ani peleak pavop eka munxeachea sobhavanuch asta.” Oxench amchem Ruth bai Albuquerq korit ailam. Tannem aplea avoi-bapaicho kallzache kholaiek thavn mog kelo. Tachi avoi vaittan anturnank lagli tednam, tannem tika hea ghorant haddli, tichi poramos keli ani aplo mog tiche thaim xinvrailo. Tachean aple avoichem rinn farik korunk zalenam punn tannem aplo kaido pall’llo – aple avoik tichea gorjechea vellar ani morosor mogan sangat ani tenko dilo.

Ruth baien aplea sasupaik ani sasumaink polleunk nam torui tannem aplea sasupaicho, Dotor Manuel Francisco Albuquerque-hacho ho sobit putlo ubarlo – osli korni bhov thodde kortele asat.

Amcho Panchvo Mandament sangta: “Tujea bapaik ani avoik man di”, punn aiz-kal zaite zann ho Mandament khoxe-monan mostitat. Ho Mandament pallinant dekunuch amcho avoi-bapui Zantteanchea Ghoranim pavtat ani thoddim babddim eksurim aplea ghorantuch jiv soddtat. Oxem ghoddonk karann, amchea mogachem oskothponn. Adlea kallar, avoi-bapui ani bhurgeam modem bandpas itlo mozbut aslo ki tancho avoi-bapui vorsanchim-vorsam anturnar xevtolear pasun tim tankam kedinch sannddinaslint; nimanno suskar sutto porian tancho urbhen poramos kortalint.

Ami bhurgim amchea avoi-bapaik favo to man dilearuch tanchea mogachim niz herdderi zateleanv. Ho ojeapancho Mandament bhasaita ki amchem jivit borem toltelem avoi-bapaik man dilear.

Panchvo Mandament eke mandamentache sankllechi vollok dakoita ani amcheo sorigoti dusream thaim iskuttaita. Panch than Dhavo Mandament, amkam munxeaponnanchea bautteache chalichem natem ugddapaita zacho lamb-dig asor zonn-ekleacher, kuttumbancher, zomeancher ani somazacher poddtta.

Avoi-bapaik man divop ami vaddon vhodd zatoch somponam. Punn ho kaido purea jivitak lagu zata. Amchim avoi-bapui jitlim zannttim zait vetat, tankam khasgi alaxireachi goroz poddtta, zoxe porim tanchea kuddichea bollak adar divop, ani goroz tednam tankam poixeanchoi adar korop.

Poilem, avoi-bapainim ami bhurgim mhunnon chintunk zai – Devachim bhurgim. Vhodd gorjechem: Ami Dhonia Devacho mog kortanv tosoch amchea bhurgeanchoi mog korunk. Tednanch ki bhurgeanche dhormik fuddareanchi bhumika ami korunk xeokteleanv.

Hi CD “Devachem Raj” bhair kaddun, Ruth baien amkam ek zobordost sondex pattoila – Avoi-Bapaicho mog korat.

Dev borem korunv.


They say “charity begins at home”! This is exactly what Ms Ruth Albuquerque did. She loved her parents to the core of her heart. When her mother was bed-ridden, she brought her here, in this house, looked after her and showered her love on her. She could not repay everything that her mother did for her but she did her part – she gave her company and helped her in her old age.

Although Ms Ruth did not meet her in-laws, she recently erected this statue of her father-in-law, Dr. Manuel Francisco de Albuquerque, which very few of us would have done.

The fifth commandment is: ‘Honour your father and your mother’, but how many of us today follow this commandment? Because we do not follow the commandment our parents land in Old Age Homes and sometimes die a lonely death in their homes. This is because of lack of love. In the past, the bondage and love between parents and children was so strong that if parents were sick and in bed for many years, children would never give up on them; they would look after them till they breathed their last. We, the children, are the beneficiaries when we honour our parents. This is the commandment with the wonderful promise that life will go better for us if we simply obey it.

The Fifth Commandment introduces us to a series of commandments that define proper relationships with other people. Six of the commandments—the fifth through the 10th—serve as the standards of conduct in areas of human behaviour that generate the most-far-reaching consequences on individuals, families, groups and society.

Honouring our parents does not cease when we become adults. It is a lifetime commitment. As they get older, this may include physically caring for them, and, as necessary, helping financially support them.

We, who are parents, should first think of ourselves as children—the children of God. It is just as important for us to respect and obey our heavenly Father as it is for our children to respect and obey us. Only then is it possible for us to fully grasp our role as the spiritual leaders of our children.

By producing the cassette “Devachem Raj” (God’s Kingdom), Ms Ruth is sending out an important message to all of us to honour the Commandment.

Thank you."

The CD has the following 13 songs:

1.      Devachem Raj – Sonia Shirsat
2.      Jezuchea Vauran Kantte – George Coelho
3.      Mog Kor – Anita D’Souza
4.      Sonvsar Sorche Adim – George Coelho
5.      Dev Sanddunk Nam – Velroy Fernandes
6.      Sorgincho Uzvadd Dakhoi – George Coelho
7.      Bodolnni Korum-ia – Fr. Eusico Pereira/Anita D’Souza
8.      Yeshu Mera Saathi (Hindi) – Anita D’Souza
9.      Sorchonam Mog Jezucho – George Coelho
10.  Porza Onupkari – Sonia Shirsat
11.  Lord You Use Me – Br. Joel Lasrado
12.  Jivitachi Govaiki – George Coelho
13.  Sobd – George Coelho


Domnic Fernandes
Anjuna, Goa
Mob: 9420979201/8805237604

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